Greenyard Logistics USA
June 1, 2023
405 Pedricktown Rd
Job Type
Salary Range
36K to 40K DOE


Position Overview:

Quality of products is essential to consumers, especially food products such as fruits and vegetables (produce).

Consumers demand and expect fresh produce to be clean, disease free, fresh, and ready to eat from the grocery store shelf.

Retailers are well aware of those criteria and add additional specifications to their produce requirements such as maturity, size, packaging etc.

To adhere to this expectation, our QC team professionals inspect produce with the consumer expectations in mind, as well as the store’s standards they demand, and government agencies requirements under Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

This position is responsible to understand all aspects of the inspections process, by commodity, to achieve those standards that has been outlined by the QC manager.

This position reports directly to the QC Manager, operating from the QC office located in Swedesboro, New Jersey.

This position is fluid in that at times this position is required to work long shifts and possibly more than 5 days per week during peak times, which is typical during the summer citrus import season.

This position is designed to be self-motivated, reliable and responsible for the tasks assigned to them by the QC Manager, covering all aspects of the department and adhering to the QC Managers directives.

Such as but not limited to:

• Help manage QC scheduling & development

• Inspections of Products by following the SOP for each type of commodity and each type of customer specifications. o These inspections will be local and at different 3rd party locations (piers.)

• Adhere to all QC processes, inspection coordinating and communications with 3rd parties & Greenyard Logistics, working with mangers and growers.

• Help with the new development, maintain & enforce new/established grading standards & SOP’s

Knowledge of the produce business is helpful as this position may at times communicate with growers, shippers, receivers, retailers, pest control professionals, Food Safety professionals, FDA, USDA, and State Department of Agriculture to discuss certain situations that may arise.

The responsibility of this position is ‘key’ to a successful delivery of acceptable and safe produce to Seald Sweet’s customers. Adhering to the specifications and grading the produces with-in the Seald Sweet’s QC computer system are critical points for acceptable delivery.

In addition: a positive outlook, and a team player “get the job done attitude” is important too.

Essential Job Functions

• Have common sense and diplomacy

• Open-minded and flexible

• Able to communicate with the coworkers

• Knowledge and operation of QC equipment

• Works well under pressure and multiple demands in a warehouse, pier and product storage environment

• Maintains concentration with excellent organizational and prioritizing skills

• Communicate all finding to all exporters, growers and deal mangers in accordance with standards, deadlines and company requirements

• Process USDA request, temperature/damage claims, photos, grower website updates, rotation grading

• Ensure product is in compliance with established industry standards, company policies and procedures

• Monitor condition and quality of all product items

• Promotes a customer-focused culture consistent with company core values

• Maintain effective relationships with all government representatives, customer inspectors, warehouse personal, commodity managers, growers and grower representatives

• Maintain and enforced a safe working environment and ensuring compliance with food safety protection plan.

• Working as a team player

Non-essential Job Functions

• Good presentation and speaking skills

• Willing to assist staff – roll up your sleeves and get the job done attitude

• Positive outlook as it relates to the company and the department

• Knowledge of USDA grade standards, State grade standards, federal laws and customer grade standards


• Preference of at least 1-year work experience in field

• Positive people skills

• Must be able to pick up a minimum of 40 lbs

• Computer literate

• Valid driver’s license and dependable transportation

• Able/willing to travel to packing facilities and Ports in the area

• Able to handle a flexible work schedule and hours as required

• Works with a sense of urgency, decisiveness, and flexible

• Able to create and implement documents (quality reports, inventory, re-pack and reconditioning activities) in accordance with company standards, policies and procedures

• Proficient in following software programs: Microsoft Office – inclusive of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook, Photoshop, etc.

Other Skills/Abilities

• Be able to advise/educate in a skillful positive manner with suppliers, customers and coworkers

• Bilingual (Spanish)

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